Who are you from Harry Potter?

Who are you from Harry Potter?

Not including Raven claw. Please dm me afterwards your results bc i can't see names here!

published on June 06, 202011 responses 3
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What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?

Me surrounded by riches
Me surrounded by great adventures
me surrounded by love and family

During the end-of-year exams, you notice that one of your classmates was using an enchanted quill. You come top of the class anyway, but they are second. What do you do?

Tell the teacher because cheating is cheating
High five them for sneaking it in
Convince them to come forward and tell the teacher

You’ve made it to Hogwarts, which means you’ve already bought a wand from Ollivander’s. What material is at its core?

Phoenix feather
dragon heartstring
unicorn hair

Which of your skills are you most proud of?

Ability to make friends
Ability to get what I want
Ability to keep secrets

You would be most hurt if a person called you...


What's your favorite animal?


Your friend is getting bullied what do you do?

Tell the teacher
You're probably the one bullying them
Tell the bully to back off
Use a spell on the bully to either melt their hand or curse them

It's your fifth year at Hogwarts, and you've just received a Howler from your parents. What for?

Sneaking into the dark forest on a dare
sneaking an enchanted quill during the OWL exam
Nothing! I've never done wrong!

Which of these most accurately describes your relationship with your closest friends?

I love surrounding myself with friends!
I have a few close friends who I trust with my lives
I only friend people who'll help me with success