hunger games, percy Jackson, or harry potter?

do you belong in a harry potter, percy Jackson, or hunger games fan club?

published on June 02, 201613 responses 2 3.0★ / 5

Sometimes (or maybe a bit oftener than that), you...

regal your friends with facts about greek and roman mythology
talk all the time about how peeta is better than gale, or vice-versa
say random spells, just to see if anything happens

if you could meet anyone, would it be...

percy jackson
Jason grace
leo valdez
Katniss everdeen
prim everdeen
peeta mellark
ron weasley
harry potter
Hermione granger

which colors do you like better?

red and gold
sea green and electric blue
red and black

what do you think of zeus?

he's a jerk!
I don't know

would you prefer...

breathing underwater
hunting skills (traps)
hunting skills (bow)
good at spells
good at charms

what is your idea of a fun time?

calling a truce, then pranking eachother with spells
having a swordfighting contest
spending time in the woods with your best friend

you have a few hours of free time. you...

go swimming
call your friends. let's have a party!
go looking for an adventure!
sit at home and relax, maybe read a book

if you were a wizard (or witch) would you want to be in...

I don't know

if you were a half-blood, would you want to be...

an Athena kid
a posiedon kid
an ares kid
an Aphrodite kid
a hermes kid
none of the above
I don't know

if you met Katniss Everdeen, would you say...

oh my gosh you're AMAZING!!
why didn't you marry Gale?!?
I am sooo sorry about Prim!
you are almost as cool as Annabeth