Which pug are you?

Which pug are you?

Discover your personality through taking this quiz to generate which of Zoe and Emily's five pug's you are most like.

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You are at a dinner table. What are you doing?

Making the conversation
Adding the facts to the conversation
Adding humor to the conversation
Taking in the conversation while continuing to eat
Stealing everyones food while they talk

Pug owner Z and Pug owner E have taken you outside. What are you doing?

Running until your limbs collapse on you
Sitting in the shade, admiring the beauty
Dancing funny to make the other pugs laugh
Reading, there's no time to be spent without a book in your hand
Checking out your surrounding, maybe whipping out a camera

You are a YouTube's first pug beauty guru. What is your top summer essential?

Some good Headphones, jam to your favs while relaxing on the beach
Bright clothes, no monochrome
Spotify, can't last through the holidays without a good dance playlist
A ukelele, you have so much time on your hands, why waste it, get a new hobbie
A good webseries, something to help the brain and keep you entertained

You are lying on the couch snuggled up with Aunty Em and Auntie Char. What would you want to see on the TV?

Dance Moms
Modern Family
The Block

Sadly, all of the pug friends are out. What do you pull out to keep yourself entertained?

Cards agains Humanity: Squad Edition
Some nail polish, with the TV on quietly in the background
You laptop, to watch Ricky Dillon vlogs for the rest of the night
Some paper and pens, time to get creative
A new book, I mean what else would you want

School time! What's your puppy school must?

My phone, for when I get bored
My Laptop, to work more efficiently leaving you with spare time
Headphones, to block out the haters
Lol, #w@ggingthisjoint
Science books, just want to suss out what this universe really is

Pug owner Z's got YouTube up again. What's your channel request?

Troye Sivan
Miranda Sings

Your dream Job is to work at the new and improved, Disney Land 4 Pugs. Which Disney character are you?


Sadly, it's time to head to the vet. What Taylor Swift song is going to help boost your mood?

Shake it off
Stay Stay Stay
All too well
Sweeter than Fiction

Halloween has finally arrived! Who are you going as this year?

A zombie
Albert Einstein
A hot dog
Minnie Mouse
Iggy Azalea