Are You In Sibuna

Are You In Sibuna

From House Of Anubis. I really like that show and its on Netflix if you wanna check it out. :)

published on July 20, 20154 responses 1 5.0★ / 5

Are you smart?
( we are talking street smart )

YAS I get straight A's
Yeah I guess I'm good at problem solving
I dunno. I never really thought about it. :[

I am 14 years old: True or False

How is this relevant?
How am I suppose to know?!

In 1 word how would you describe yourself?

( Not really helping )
A true leader
( step to your left )
( caramel gets poured everywhere )
Smart! All A's, Baby!!!
Good at prob* solving
( yup I'm Annabeth/Hermione Y'all!!! )
I'm feisty.

R U good at keeping secrets?

Ma mouth is sealed like crack in floor
( LOL inside joke from Titan's Curse )
I am good at keeping secrets! See I never said that Henry killed your goldfish
( Sorry, another inside joke! :D )
I'm good at keeping secrets
I'm TERIBBLE!!!! U tell me a secret the next day its all over the news! :(
Sorry, Ima blogger and I can't keep secrets if their juicy!

Are you good at making up stories and excuses?

Nah, not really

Do U get really emotional?

If I lose a member of my fam* yah DUH!!
Nope. Careless as Nico di Angelo
If I lose my teddy-bear or something prob* yah. I will

Are you stealthy?

Yeah I'm practically a ninja.
BOO!! I knew you where there.

Are you scared easily

What kind of scary are we talkin' 'bout
If ma friend is dying I'll be scared and do anything to save him and/or her
We talkin' Hunger Games scary cuz HELL YAH its scary
( how is HG scary?!?! )
I find Bloody Mary and Ghosts scary
( if dats what U think, that's nothin' )