Can i guess if you're a tomboy or a girly girl?

Can i guess if you're a tomboy or a girly girl?

I may guess right, i may guess wrong, but please, dont, DONT be mad at me

published on November 18, 201620 responses 1
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How do you dress up?

How do you dress up?
Pastels are amazing!! also, hot pink, yellow, orange, and other stuff denote crazily
lovable! Pastels, pastels, pastels! Pink, purple, bright colors!. black and other dark
colors can work too. You should want your outfits to be bright and fun, but they
gotta have a balance. Other colors you can wear are mint green, baby blue, cream,
light coral, and a light yellow.
You want to buy very, very boyish clothes, avoid pastel colors, and make sure you
don't wear any more than a little bit of pink. Pink can only be allowed in tiny
portions when you want to dress like a tomboy! Try to wear blue. It really is a color
for tomboys, as are light green, grey and black.
The occasional pink t-shirt/blue dress, you want to look pretty, but still look cool!
You wear boyish outfits, as well as girly outfits, you're kinda in between. You like
all colors, pink, blue, anything!
Something from a fandom. Like, the Legend Of Zelda. (i know @breann.west.5 will
pick this)

What daily activities do you have?

What daily activities do you have?
Playing football, basketball and baseball, sometimes soccer. Don't forget softball,
dodge ball and other sports like ping pong or lacrosse! Also, you play boyish
games like Mario, Minecraft, and other games like that.
You usually go to the mall. Other times, you might want to hang out with your
You go to the mall, you play sports, you play video games, you hang out with
friends, you're basically a mixture!

Who is your crush?

Who is your crush?
No one. (You won't admit it.)
No one. (Actually no one.)
A cute boy.
You don't really know.

Favorite color?


Who are your friends?

Who are your friends?
A few boys.
A few girls.
A mixture of both.

What is your hairstyle?

What is your hairstyle?
Long hair.
Short, boyish hair. People usually mistake my gender.
Long hair, but it's covered by a beanie/hat.
A long ponytail.
A short ponytail.
Bobbed hair.
Bobbed hair, covered by a beanie/hat.

Role-play time! What happened if you saw a huge BLACK WIDOW SPIDER! Well, maybe not that, how about a HUGE WOLF SPIDER!!

Scream and run away.
Take a step back, and try to fight it.
Run away, but still keep a defending stance.

Your friend doesn't know if she is a tomboy or girly girl. You?

Talk to her about sports and video games.
Talk to her about makeup and fashion.
Talk to her about both.

You suggest a movie to your friend. It is?

Something cool like Jaws, or something magical like Harry Potter.
Something romantic, like, Twilight!

You suggest a book to your friend. It is?

Harry potter, or Diary of a wimpy kid.
Whatever after, or Ever After High!

You want to give a birthday present to your friend. It is?

A video game, or maybe even a video game how to book.
A dress, or some heels!