Are you a lobster?

Are you a lobster?

Find our if you are actually a lobster. This question has puzzled people for thousands of quarter seconds

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How often do you order tacos at subway?

Pickled cheese
I hate my shoes
Stop slapping my bum

What would you do if someone took your last pair of shoe laces

Stab them 9383737 times with
my sandwich
Call the fire department
Hope their soul gets stolen by
a satanic bunny

What is 1 + 9

Hillbilly sweat shop
The gravy is too cold

My hat has milk on it. What would you do

Drink it
Purchase oreos.. Mmm dunky
Go bowling

Skydiving, scuba diving or dancing

My grandma hates you

What would you do in a zombie apocalypse

Find my family
Go to walmart, half of cheerios yo
Eat the zombies

Salem is looking at you. How do you escape

Jump over a fence
Throw treats and fly away, im superman
Impossible, im f$%&ed

Your friend asks to borrow your car. What do you say

I see your wearing skittles as a thong....
Did you vote for harambe
No, now give me your soul

How do you feel about pizza

Its delicious
It robbed me...
Did you know i can eat cereal

favorite Super hero

Bean guy
Al gore