Which inside out character are you

Are you A fan of the movie Inside out? Well would you like to take a quiz to see which character you are!

published on August 25, 201535 responses 9 4.0★ / 5

What is your worst night mare

not happy people. THEY NEED TO BE HAPPY!
well I have a lot of sad moments. But probably when I can't drive when I should.
Broccoli. IT'S POISOINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Horror movies. There so scary!
Moving. It sucks trust me.

What's your favorite color

Yellow its so joyful
blue. It's sad.
Green. its a great color on me
Red. It's the color I am and I'm important
Purple. It's the one color that's not scary.
I don't know. Rainbow?

What's your favorite island of personality

Goofball It's hilarious!
I don't know. their all to happy. and that's just sad.
Fashion island. It's amazing how much clothes there are
Fighting island you must make things fair
Safety island. You must be safe.
What is an island of personality?

What's really annoying

When Sadness touches a memory. THEY DON'T CHANGE BACK!
When Joy gets mad at me. I just hate it when she does
Going to a pizza place a finding out they put broccoli on it. San fran sicko ruins every thing
gum advertisements they play all the time it starts a fire on my head! literally a fire starts.
nightmares. it happens to often!
so scary!
When dad gets mad at me. It stinks having to be in the prison cll that is called a "bedroom"

what's funny to you

when riley danced around naked. Hilarious!
The movie about how a dog died. It was entertaining
Nothing is really funny to me. Life is boring
when dad gets a piece of Riley's mind.
every thing is to scary to be funny