Which Harry Potter character are you? (15)

Are you hermione?harry?ron?ginny?luna? Find out which one you are in this quiz!

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Do you make good grades?

If I didn't, I'd die
Eh, so so
Without my friend, I'd fail
Pretty good
I didn't get a good grade on the last quiz cause my teacher said a nargle wasn't real:(

U R alone. Then someone grabs u what do U do?

Shout expeliarmus! And run
Think quickly to find a solution, who it is,and not jump to conclusions
Yell, them punch them in the face
Ask them if they saw thestrals out of the blue

Who would u want as a BFF?

A thestral

What house are u in?


Your younger sibling goes to their first day at Hogwarts. They had a horrible day and were teased a lot. What do you do to help them?

Tell them about your first day,and how horrible it was.
Tell them to not care at all
Tell them the scientific term for teasing and offer a solution.
Tell them to find a sharp comeback
Tell them insults just fly out the window into the sky, never to be seen again

You get a seventy five on a test. What do you do?

Freak out and scream in circles, then ask about 236 extra credit projects you had in mind
Just go with it. 75% is better than nothing at all
Cringe a little,then carry on.
Ask if there is anything you can do about it
Just don't do anything