Are you a b*tch or not?

If you take this quiz your gonna realize how mean or kind you are. A loyal or a bad friend. this will describe your personality!

published on October 03, 201449 responses 19
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What would you do if someone saying things to you?

I will get its *ss here and pulk her hair!
I will comfront her/him saying "why are you
talking to me"
I will talk things back again to him/her
Ill just gonna shut my mouth because its annoying
Ill just gonna say to my friends

If your gf/bf will break up with you because of your bff what will you do?

I will break my bff's head and shut my ex's mouth!
I will kick their ugly *ss
I will say them to my teacher and tell her that theh sell drugs ^_^
Just gonna slap her
I will cry because he/she is fvcking ugky

What would you do if younare bored?

I will flirt to my teacher to get high grades
I will shout to my mom saying im gonna die!
I will watch bad movies
I will lie to my friends
I will study english

What if you got the most high grades in your class?

I will invite my boyfriend to my room and dance wiggle wiggle
I will slap my report card to the b*tch on our room
I will have a big party in our house
I will say it to my mom so she will give me 50bucks
I will say it to my parents so they will gjve methe latest iphone

What is your preffered course in college?

S*x education so you do what you do
Tourism so i can fligh