Are you a lesbian? (1)

If you are questioning whether your a lesbian or not, try this quiz, just to see if you might be.

published on December 12, 201580 responses 16 3.0★ / 5

If a hot girl asks you out do you

Say hell no, I am straight
Say Ummm, sure
Say, sure pick ya up at 7

If a really cute guy in your class asks you out after school, what do you do

Say, I don't really think so, but thanks
Say, see you tonight baby
Be nice and say, can you just leave me alone and not tell anyone about this
Say, NO, no, sorry

are you a

Basketball player
Math wiz

Has a girl ever hit on you before

I don't really know, what do you mean by hit on
Hell ya
No, because they know not to hit on me

Has a guy hit on you before

Yup, definitely
Yeah, but nothing happened
Yes, but I told him to back off

Do you have any kids

Do you have any kids
Yes, 1 to 3
2 to 4

Have you ever been married to a guy or girl

Have you ever been married to a guy or girl
No, and I don't know if I will or want too
Yeah, but it only lasted a bit
Hell no
Yes but it was the wrong choice

Do you consider your self ugly?

I don't really care if I am or not
Yes, I am
I'm hot
NO, I'm hot

Do you have short, died hair

Do you have short, died hair
Not died but it is short
Yup it's died and short
What do you mean by short
It's died , but it's long