Are you Frisk or Chara from Undertale?

Are you Frisk or Chara from Undertale?

Are you frisk, the silent, caring, determined main character from undertale, or chara, the murderous, crazy, and killer version of frisk?

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If you fell underground and all you had was a knife and a pointy stick, which weapon would you use?

Knife. Murder them all!!!!! Muahahahahah!
Stick. It may not be very effective, but it's a weapon, right? And I can't hurt myself with a stick!

You meet a strange flower with a face, and it tries talking to you. What do you do?

Ooh, pretty flower! I would trust it!
Cut it down and make it into a headband! *Evil grin*

If you tried to cut it down, you failed. It tried attacking you.

Grr..... this knife is useless...
Oh no! What am I gonna do?

A strange animal-like woman saves you from the crazy daisy. What do you do?

Thank you so much! I was about to die from a flower! Kill or be killed I think it said...
Woman!!! I didn't need help! * Tries to murder her*

She grabs your hand and leads you to a passage way.

Let go of me you crazy elephant lady! *Tries cutting her hand off*
Oh! Where are you taking me?

She lets go of your hand and disappears. You see a pile of leaves.

I'm gonna play in it!
Leaf piles are for babies. *Kicks pile*

You walk up some stairs and see some puzzles.

Ugh! Puzzles? Are you kidding me?
Ooh! What fun!

After looking around for hours, you finally solve the puzzle. A door opens.

Yay! That was fun! A little long though...
Finally! That took forever! *Sharpens knife*

After solving hours of puzzles, the woman appears again.

You again? Ugh! I knew I should've just sat there and starved!
Ohl! You again! Hello!

hello. I am toriel. You must come with me, youth.''

Umm, okay toriel. *Smiles*
No way! *Tries murdering her again*

She takes your hand and takes you to a house. "This is where I live, child.''

Oh... fantastic... *prys out wood from the floor and keeps hitting her with it*
Very nice house!

She makes you follow her to a room.

Nice room!
Will you stop doing that?!

"you must sleep, child."

Uh, no way! How do I know you won't shiv me in my sleep?
Yeah. I need to sleep.

"good night, child. By the way, I never did ask you your name."

Chara. And by the way, I don't trust you, woman!!!
Frisk. *Smiles*

She leaves.

She was nice. *Gets into bed and falls asleep*
Grr. I'm keeping my knife by my bed tonight. *Gets into bed and falls asleep*

Do you think I should make a part two? Please put your answer in the comments!

No way! This sucks!
Sure! I wanna see the rest!