Are You Good Or Bad (1)

Are you a goodie or a baddie. Find out by taking this quiz. Hope you enjoy!

published on May 05, 201531 responses 13
Are You Good Or Bad (1)
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You forgot to do your work why?

What do you mean. I always do my work.
Who cares about work?

Out of these to sayings which do you like more?

Love is all you need.
Kiss my booty!

What title do you think you most deserve?

Most trouble maker.
Most supportive friends.

If you could have one wish, what will it be?

A big TV in my room.
World peace.

Do you swear a lot? Be honest.

Yes mam I do

Have you ever kicked your mom? Again be honest.

Yes I kicked my mom so many times.
No mam I don kick people.

Which show seems most intresti g out of these two.

A Angel's Path
Kiss my Metal As#

Could you give your opinion on my quiz?

Ewww your quiz sucked.
I love your quiz. me:awwwww thanks