What's your personal style?

Wanna know your personal style? Well, here ya go! Are you surprised? Or were you expecting what you got?

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Its the first day at a new school and you have to set an image for yourself. What do you wear?

Bright colors to show my creativity!
Dark bland colors to ensure nobody bugs me
Neutral tones, and a bright smile. I don't want to stand out too much, but I'll warm people with myt smile!
A short and revealing outfit to attract the hottie's. Gotta get popular, right?
Something bright and in my favoutite color to ensure I'm confident. I gotta be feeling myself!!!
Business wear. This is where my future starts and I want everybody to know I'm not here to waste my time. I'll find friends when I find the time,

You have been invited to your first ever party! What do you wear?

Something bright to make sure people come to talk to you.
A short skirt//A muscle shirt to reveal my biceps. I wanna get a bf/gf
Party? No, I have to study, sorry.
I-I....I'm happy you w-want me to come..,probably just something c-comfy and p-practical.
Something colourful! I'll look so pretty under the disco!

You just got dress coded for your outfit and you have to wear your gym clothes. How do you spice it up so you don't look stupid?

Add some bright jewelry, and maybe a shiny purse!!!
I tie up the shirt to make it a crop top and pull up the shorts. They can't dress code me in the dress coded outfit! Right?
How did this happen? I'm calling my mother for more business attire,
I'm sorry...please just leave me be...
Get out of my face! I wear what I want, black expresses my feelings!
Aw! That sucks! The uniform is so bland...maybe add a cute scarf?

Its time for a school dance! What kind of dress do you wear?

Maybe something red? I heard that colour attracts others, right? Now that I don't already have a date.
A pencil skirt will do just fine.
I like the co!our brown...its pretty but helps me blend in.
Ooh, there's pink, or purple, or blue, or yellow!!!!

What's your favorite colour!?

Hot pink
Deep red
Grass green
Navy blue
Light pink

What do you prefer?

Just underwear will do.

You have been chosen to be on the cover of vogue! What do you wear?

Something readers won't forget
Any risky photos allowed?
How about a slim dress?
A nice flowy mid thigh dress? I really want this to be my moment..,
Black mini dress
A cute skirt!