Fun or Boring?

Are you fun or boring? This quiz will be accurate. I don't want people insulting!

published on March 15, 201618 responses 16
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After school what do you do?

Punching my FREINDS! Hahahaha! Me: quit it.
Vids and sometimes funny noises! XD
Ignore people. Me: wahhhhhh

In lunch what do you do?

Saying funny songs and eat! XD
Avoid my FREINDS.
Peeing in someone's pants Me: Gross!

What do you do in your free time?

Insult people on QFEAST like insulting Mason. Betty: get REKT!
Being lucky and play with my FREINDS!
Not doing anything!

What do you around (my cousin) Betty?

Try to bully her! Betty: Not today!
Ignore her.
Say jokes!

Final question. What is your favorite thing to do?

Doing Rubik's cube talents!
Being alone.
Insult everyone! Me: stop it!