Are you Kiddish or Mature ?

Let's see if you're Kiddish or Mature by taking what quiz ? My quiz and don't forget to comment when you are done taking my quiz!

published on December 06, 201548 responses 16 5.0★ / 5

What kind of movies are you allowed to watch ?

Stuff like Sponge Bob sponge out of water
My little pony movies or Barbie movies....blame it on mom!!!!
Terminator and stuff like that

What do you do at the park ?

Play games at the playground with my little besides
Talk with my friends while taking a walk
Run around everywhere

Do you sleep with stuffed animals ?

Yes....but don't judge me!!!!

What kind of games do you play ?

Tag and hide and seek and other games like that!!!!
I don't play games....maybe games from the App Store on my phone or tablet
Red light green light

What do you do during your spare time ?

Playing video games or hanging out with my friends
Playing with toys
There is nothing 2 do

Did you like this ?

I guess yes....since I have nothing else to do!!!!
Awesome quiz!!!! Now off to play or watch Astro Blast!!!!

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