The Pool of Choices (If you got the better ending on the first)

Only take this quiz if you got the better ending on The Adventure of Chances.

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Everyone stands at the edge of the pool. No one makes a single move. Then Morgan took one step closer to look. A hand reaches out of the water.

(you leap away without thinking)
(push some of the others away from the pool)

The others try to get away. (Morgan is too surprised to react quick enough). (the hand grabs Morgan's ankle and pulls her into the pool). Both disappear into the black water. Triana: No!

you; We have to help! Quick!
you; Why did no one help her?

Triana; We have to follow them! (Triana jumps through the portal with the others following)

you; Wait! Don't!
(you follow quickly)

Suddenly you're all sitting in a forest. (you realize it's either dark or you have entered a world with no color) (the others seem to notice the same thing, since they all look normal)

(you admit to yourself that there is no color to the world)
(you still tell yourself it's only dark)

Triana; This place is weird and not in a good way... Let's find Morgan and get out of here quickly.

you; Yeah... and how exactly ARE we getting out?
you; I don't exactly see a way out.

Triana; OH! I didn't think of that... We could be stuck here... I shouldn't be so reckless... (Triana sighs) Aidan; Hey, we were in a hurry. It's not like we had time to plan. We might need all the time we can get.

you; You were thinking of your friend before yourself. You meant well even if you got all of us stuck here.
you; Well... maybe, this could have been better planned.

Triana; I guess it's too late now. Aidan; We should get moving then. Triana; Lead on, friend.

you; Why make someone else lead this whole thing was your idea?...
you; Triana, I thought you were the leader.

(Aidan runs off, and the others follow) (without receiving an answer you follow) Ghostly shapes pass you in the trees. Then the forest clears and you see a field.

you; This place just isn't right. Let's keep going, quickly.
you; What's the deal with this place.

(you all cross the field and come to a castle) Ghostly figures are swarming here. Triana; This must be the place. Aidan; Are you sure? Triana; Yes... positive... Aidan; Then let's stop wasting time. (Aidan rushes into the castle everyone following)

you; Why does everyone rush off so much?...
(you let out an exasperated sigh) you; There they go again...

(you all spread out, most staying near the entrance) Then the roof crumples,trapping Triana, David, and you inside the castle. The others are nowhere to be seen, and they don't respond when Triana calls. (The three of you remaining assume the worst, and choose to go on for the others)

(you follow silently)
you; Going on is our only option. We can't turn back anymore.