Who is your creepypasta BF? (2)

Who is your creepypasta BF? (2)

I am going to make another one,i love making quizzes like these! 😃Oh and sorry I couldn't find a cover..So it's just blank black.

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Me: What's your favorite color? *Hides*

Red... the darkest blood coloured red
Jeff: Whoa. 0_0
EJ: Me too!!
Black and white! Together... They make the "Sweetest" clown ever!
LJ: I love that pun. hahahaha!
Ben: Omg we are best buddies already!
I just like the color... HOT SLENDY!
Slendy: 0.o Oh well.. *Blushes*

Me: Okay... Hoodie! Ask our lovely guest a question.
Hoodie: Okay,do you like cheeseCake?

Why are you asking? You already asked that in the last test!
Hoodie: Because im a cheeseCake.
Ben: Yeah! Why?
Hoodie: (No answer)
Hoodie: :D
Yes!!! CHEESECAKE!!!!!!!!
No way!
Hoodie: ;_;
No... sorry.
Hoodie: It's okay...

Me: Okay.... Toby.
Toby: D-do you l-like p-pancakes?

P-pancakes? T-those are a-awesone!
Toby: *Blushes deeply*
Toby: O-okay....

Me: Okay... Ben.
Ben: Do not turn the TV off! If you do I'm not asking a question!
Me: Okay okay! Jeez!
Ben: Do you like.... me?

.... What?...... *Blushes* well... um... yes.
Ben: Hahahaha!!!! Omg I have a lover!!! Hahahaha! *Passes out*
Me: Lol what did you do?
Ben: Okay..

Me: Okay... Slendy.
Slendy; Okay,do you like the woods?.

Slendy: :D
Slendy: 😭

Me: EJ,but don't say-
EJ: Can I have your kidneys!?

EJ: OK...
Yes,but you have to share.
EJ: Ok

Me: Okay... LJ
LJ: Okay,do you like candy? Hahahaha!!!! And clowns?

Oh yes,i love hot black and white clowns.
LJ: 😲 She just called me... hehe. *Passes out*
LJ: :)
LJ: Okay...