are you a vampire? (5)

are you a vampire? (5)

figure out if you are a blood sucking creature with this amazing quiz that i made

published on February 22, 201519 responses 3 5.0★ / 5

say you have a nosebleed and the blood goes down to your mouth and you taste a little bit how does it taste

mmm.. yummy
tastes okay

you and a friend are jumping on a trampoline your friend wants you to do a flip so you do but what happend when you did the flip?

i hit my head hard on the metal part of the trampoline
i do it perfectly
i float!
i would definitely not do a flip in the first place

you do a race with your friends who are super tall who wins?

me duh
my friends
it's usually a tie
depends how long i have been running

you live in america say somebody shoots a gun from china do you hear it?


your teenage sister is driving for the first time and you are in the car with her and she gets a wreck you are both alive but your sister passed out because she flew out the open window and the car flipped on her the only thing to do would be to lift the car can you?

yeah i call myself muscles
no of course not are you crazy!
wait... how is that even possible!

okay there are exactly 999 white beads in a clear box but one of those are purple you look in the box what do you see

i think it is purple i can't really see it that much but my eyes are sort of zooming in on it
i see the purple bead zoomed in 100%
i don't see it but i havent looked on the bottom of the box yet...
all i see is white!

you see a bat and suddenly your stomach hurts and your arms what is happening?!

my arms are turning pitch black!
im turning into a bat this has happend to me several times
1. i ate too much food 2. i broke my arms yesterday so nothing

it is your birthday how old are you turning?


today is your school picture day and the old man taking your picture asks you to show your teeth when you smile how do you react?

i show my teeth simple
i ask why
i say my sharp teeth would not look good in the picture
i refuse and give him a mean look then he suddenly floats to the ceiling

you are on the couch watching tv and you want to change the channel but the remote is in the kitchen and you are too tired to get up and get it what do you do?

i groan and get the remote
i get up to change the channel because it is closer
i use telekinesis to get the remote to me