Which Sonic boy likes you? (RP 1)

Which Sonic boy likes you? (RP 1)

Hey there! This is my first quiz so... I hope you will like it ;) P-S : I do RP in this quiz :3

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Okay there... You are now a Hedgehog. What is your reaction?

OH MY GOD Im a hedgehog! *^*
Wait what? I want to be a human again! GIVE ME BACK MY HUMANITY!
Cool! So Im on Mobius now? (Me : Noo, your on Mercury -.-)

Okay then... Im Milea The Hedgehog, let me show you my friends ;) Sonic, Shadow and Silver // Sonic : Hey there, Im Sonic! What is your name?

Hi Sonic! Nice to meet you! Im '___'
You : Your a blue hedgehog! And he's white // Silver : Im Silver! >.< // You : And he... *looking at
Shadow* is alone -_- // Shadow : Shut up.

Me : Okay then! Do you want to play 'Questions'? // All the boys : 'Kay // You : What is 'Questions'? // Me : The boys will ask you questions to know who you are... Okay so who wants to begin? // Shadow : Me. What do you like to do when your alone? // Me : Nice question. Sarcastically.

I like to think about things... Alone... In a dark place... (Me : 0_0)
I like to dance, listen to music and be with my friends :3 (Me : Popularity hein? :D )
I like to run without thinking of anything! FREEDOM! (Me : Okay...)

Me : Okay... Hey! What are you doing Silver? // Silver : Im eating your candies. // Me : GIVE ME MY CANDIES! // Sonic : Hey! Were is Milea? // Shadow : She is running after Silver. // Sonic : Why? // Shadow : He ate her candies. // Sonic : Ok... // You : Can we continue the 'Questions'? // Sonic : Sure! It's my turn! Hum... If Silver kissed you, what would be your reaction?

I would slap him. I do not love the overstrung hedgehogs. (Shadow started to giggle in his place)
I would continue to kiss him before giving him a hug *blush*
What is this question? Next please.

Silver : Pff... pff... Why I run not however fast as you? // Me : Ok now that I have my candies... Let's continue! Silver, your turn. // Silver : Ok, because we are speaking about candies, wich is your fav'?

Do hot dogs count in candies? (Sonic : And Chili-Dogs? :3)
All the SWEET candies <3 (Me : =V )
Ver very DARK chocolate (like 99% cacao)

Me : Okay, my turn! // Sonic : Why, you like her? // Me : ... // Shadow : ... // Silver : ... // Me : I'll make like I heard nothing... What is your favorite color?

Dark black (Me: Black is already dark -_-)
Blue! BLUE!
Hum... Silver *blush* (Me : I said the COLOR not the guy!)

Me : Okay! Sonic? // Sonic : Yup,my turn! // Me : Yes but... Stop doing that please. =.= // Sonic : Doing what? // Me : Your freaky moves... // Sonic : Hey! Im dancing! // Shadow : Your dancing like an idiot // Me : Just ask T_T // *BOOM* // Me : What the heck is going on? // *Another voice talks* : Hohoho look what we got here, five hedgehogs just for me! // Sonic : Eggman! // You : Egg-woah! //
<<The giant robot hand takes you o approach you the closest to the capsule where is Eggman. Taken by the panic, you do not notice that a hedgehog has just saved you but... When the robot has been destroyed, you fall and see the ground which gets closer to you. But! Just before crushing you on the ground, a hand catches you... To who belong the hand?

Silver... *blush*

This is the end! See ya at part 2 ;) Will you continue to do RP with my story? :o

Yes, of course!
Sure :)