Which 'The Hobbit' character are you?

Which 'The Hobbit' character are you?

Find out which character of Middle Earth you're most alike. A villain, a wizard, or a dwarf?

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Choose the landscape you like the most.

A meadow
The mountains
A volcano
The forest
A waterfall

When you go on a group trip, what is the most important thing to consider?

Bring enough supplies (food and water)
Have a nice company
A little magic
Have a glass of wine
Group trip?

In said expedition, you are the one who...

Lead the group
Carry with the supplies
Tell stories and anecdotes
Make snarky remarks
Give the orders from your castle

What are your hobbies?

Read a good book
Dine with my mates
Make some fireworks
I do not have time for such banalities

Describe yourself in a word.


Which of these do you loathe the most?

All the mortals!

What is the generally mistaken first impression people have about you?

That I'm not brave enough
That I'm too silly
That I have a bad temper
That I'm too vain!
That I am not worthy of ruling the world!

What do you love the most?

My folks!
My home
My knowledge
My beauty... and my son, of course!
My precioussss!

If you had all the gold of Erebor, what would you do?

I'll save a part for my nephew, the other part I'll spend it.
I'll keep it as the wealth of my people!
Not sure. I'll use it for good, I guess?
I'll melt it and make some rings with it.
Gold? I just want the Moon Gems!

Last but not the least, what's your stature?

Average, I guess
Pretty tall
The size of a mouse!