Which Creepy Pasta Will You Date? (Girls only)

Me:Wanna know which creepypasta you love? Jeff:TAKE THIS QUIZ! Me:Calm down Jeff! Jeff:Fine sorry just take this quiz!

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Ok next question. We have MASKY! Masky:Shhh your gonna wake LJ up and Im hiding from him.. Me:Well ok.. Masky:Whats your favorite color

Well i cant see anything
so i guess black?
Jack:See she needs my
help :( Me:Aww... Wait
Black and White
Slendy:Woah can we
hang at the forest?
ME!! Me:O.o thats not
even a color
Yellow and green
Ben:Hey do you video
games? You:Yes why
wanna hang out?
Ben:Sure do Me:Well
their gone

Are you excited to see the results? First just comment who you got and also did you like it?

I loved the quiz
It was ok
I dont know what to

Me: Ok so first here is Slen- Jeff:ME!! Me:-.-# Jeff:Ok so just a simple and easy question. How would you kill your opponents?

Well i would get a knife
and shank them. Then i
would open their
insides and burn them
:) Jeff: OMG I LOVE
YOU!! Me:O.o
I would pull them by
their legs while their
sleeping and drag them
to the forest and just
kill them their
I would take out their
eyes and sow smiles
on their faces
sounds like something i
would do. You go girl!
Toby:I love y- I mean its
good :) Me:This can't
be good
Appear in their bed
room when they wake
up and take their
kidneys Jack You get
me so well *blushes*
Me:Calm down lover

Final question Me:If you had a boyfriend who would it be? This will not affect your answer Masky:Its gonna be me Slendy: No its me Jeff:No one likes a guy with a mask or a faceless man. BURN!! Toby:Why am i here again? EJ:Your beautiful even if i cant see LJ:Pick me ill give you all the candy you want Ben:I wanna play video games

Jeff he would protect
me whenever
Jeff:Wanna get out of
here and start killing?
LJ if anyone ever
bullied me he wouls
make me feel better
LJ:Lets go fill children
up with candy
Toby hes a great guy
and he'll always be
there for me
Toby:Wanna go see my
Ben we both love video
games and we can
always chat Ben:Im so
Masky i love him for
who he is *masky gets
closer to her face*
Me:Grabs masky* Not
so fast lover guy
EJ I love him hes a cute
cannibal EJ:Y-You
really think im cute?
Me:Of course she does
Slender man hes bae
Slendy:Lets go take a
walk in the forest shall
we? Me:Yea go ahead
and not invite me ;-;

Me: Ok next wr have Toby... Toby:Sure. Whats your favorite food?

CANDY!! LJ:Oh you get
me so well Me:Well i
cant stop that. Their
candy lovers
Cheesecake.. I love
that *Says shyly*
Masky:You-You do? I
mean you do..*blushes
and says shyly* I love
that too.. Me:Aww
thats so adorable
Kidneys of course who
doesn't like Kidneys
Jack:I know right
Me:No one. No one
likes kidneys O.o
Anything i dont really
care all i want is to
leave and play video
games Ben:Ill never
stop loving you.
Me:Jesus Christ