Which General are you? (1)

What era, war, and culture did you fight in? Are you a leader? Do you think you have what it takes to be a Good Military Figure?

published on May 20, 20148 responses 0

Who do you fight for?

For other

What's your opinion on politics?

I should be Political ruler
The Generals are just as important as the politicians
Hell with politics! I'll kill whoever the Politicians tell me to!
I don't care

What do your men think of you?

I'm their beloved emperor
They hate me

Your attitude towards your superiors?

I will do as I'm told. Period
I am the superior!

Your preferred strategy?

Nukes are nice
Drive forward and crush the enemy!

Your opinion of war?

Love it
Hate it

The most important factor in war?


How are wars won?

By removing his will to fight
By killing the enemy
By forcing them to surrender

Are you patriotic?


How do you fight?

Mystify, mislead and surprise
I fight to win