What is your spirit animal? (20)

What is your spirit animal? (20)

Take this quiz to see what your true animal inside is,or if you have one...this quiz will help you figure out what your true animal is but I did not choose a wide variety of animals. Have fun!

published on August 03, 201715 responses 2
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What were you to do if everyone you loved died?

Get over it
Build your own family and get revenge
Mourn and wait
Wander off to make a family but stay away from the person who killed them
Get them to kill you

Someone tells you that to save your family,you must sacrifice yourself. What do you do?

Give up yourself
Give up family
Kill the one telling you
Tell them to kill you and them
Intimate them out of it

Your a leader. Your scout tells you that there is a enemy group in the territory. What will you do?

gather the group and flee
Fight until you can't anymore
Elders and Cubs stay behind well the healthy and strong fight
Convince them to join forces
Fight them yourself or sacrifice yourself to them in battle

Your family chased you away and your a loner now. What's your plan?

Travel thousands of miles away and make a family there
Look for a love and start a family
Live alone your whole life
Wish they will accept you back

What do you think results are?

I don't know surprise me!
Can this end now?


Omg finally
Hopefully I'll see you again...
Meet you soon
Bye have a nice day