Mortal Instruments: what are you?

Mortal Instruments: what are you?

Are you a shadowhunter, warlock, vampire, werewolf, fairy or human / mundane?

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Which of these qualities do you have the most of:

The ability to accept change

What is your favourite colour?

Anything bright or with glitter.
I don't really know.
Deep, rich colours.

How would you describe yourself compared to most other people?

I'm better in all the ways that matter.
Um, pretty average.
I have something they can't even imagine.
They are like children. Petty, squabbling children.
Elegant & sophisticated

Do you believe in Heaven, Hell & all associated things? (Angels, demons, etc)

I don't believe, I know for certain.
I don't know.

How old is are you?

I was born somewhere between 1930 and today
I was born somewhere between 1930 and today but I have seen and experienced more than most people twice my age.
I was born somewhere between 1930 and today but I look older than I am
I was born a very long time ago, but look younger than I am. Much younger.
I was tried for witchcraft when I was about 70
I am ageless.

Your parents/heritage?

My Dad came from the pits of Hell, used my mother, then left.
I have descended from an angel, seriously, what else could explain all this fabulousness.
My parents are the embodiment of yin & yang
My Mum & Dad have boring jobs
My parents are long dead
When I was born, my Mother screamed
I don't live with my parents anymore.

If you were an animal, you would be:

A sheep
A horse
A wolf
A cat
A peacock
A big cat (tiger, lion, panther, etc)