What Is Your Warrior Cat Personality?

What Is Your Warrior Cat Personality?

Ever wondered what you would be like if you were a warrior cat? Would you have a mate? Kits? Maybe none? Well, take THIS quiz, and consult StarClan to reveal the secrets of your warrior life!

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You are 5 moons old, and you're stuck in the nursery for only three more sunrises. Everyone is sleeping (including your mother). What do you do?

I'll visit the Medecine cat den to check on my
father— after all, he just participated in a
horrible battle! Maybe I'll check if my litter
mates wanna come!
Adventure calls! Who wants to be stuck inside
an old nursery when you can explore the
outside world? I'll just leave some moss in my
place so no cat will get suspicious..
I'm staying in! Maybe I'll take one little peek..
After all, those [insert enemy clan] warriors
might still lurk here! If I find even one of
them, they're not leaving without a nice
scratch or two..
Psh! Me? Awake? Ha! Likely. I'm probably
sleeping like a rock. No chance I'm going to
wake up my litter mates and mother! They've
got to sleep, you know!

You have just become an apprentice! Who do you hope will become your mentor?

Somebody REALLY strong! I want a cat who
can scare a fox right outta their wits! Really
brave, too!
I totally want a faithful and understanding
cat! Somebody who would trust me and
wouldn't be harsh and strict..
Some cat clever, and a super great hunter. I'll
bet you seven mouse tails I'll be the Clan's
greatest hunter— after my mentor, of course..
(I'm going to be way better than them after
my training, to be honest).
Well... I'd want somebody who knows what
they're doing, that's for sure! But I'd happily
take any loyal cat as my mentor! I'll do my

You just noticed after seven moons of training to be a warrior, there's a beautiful/handsome she-cat/tom who is an apprentice as well. What do you do?

Become friends with this cat— maybe
she/he'll be a valuable friend, and maybe, just
maybe, a possible mate..
Oh.. Well... Um... I.. Uh... I'll j-just talk a bit
with her/him... I'm n-not good with feelings, I
Confront him/her and flirt a bit.. Maybe ask
him/her to train/hunt together sometime?
Slyly ask her/him to go on a hunting trip with
a piece of fresh-kill— doesn't hurt to try!

Your warrior ceremony is happening this night! What suffix do you hope to get?

-sparks, -frost, -rock, or -storm!
-light, -shine, or -dawn!
Me? Suffix? I'm uncategorizable! But if
anyone asked, -briar, -thorn, or -shade..
-heart, -claw, and -POUNCE!

You've become a warrior! Remember that beautiful/handsome cat you had trained with? (S)he also is a warrior! Your fellow warrior has been picked to go on a small hunting patrol with only you and her/him. What do you do?

Impress her/him by catching a squirrel—
those rarely show up on the Clan's hunting
Confess that you are attracted to him/her.
Find a bird nest with a mother bird and its
mate and tell him/her that you wish you could
have a life like that while discreetly brushing
your whiskers with him/her.
Catch a lot of prey, but when you get back to
camp, save most of it for him/her.

Congratulations! You have been chosen for a quest and you are allowed to take two cats with you. Who do you choose?

This quest needs to be solo— I don't want any
cat to get hurt because of me!
I'm bringing my closest friends! An adventure
lies ahead of us— this is our dream!
My mate and apprentice— this should be a
great experience for all of us!
Me? Quest? I'm bringing the best hunter and
the best fighter in our Clan!

During your quest, one of your companions have gotten a nasty rat bite, and there is no burdock root near your temporary camp. What do you do?

Near my camp? Who cares! This is a
CLANMATE we're talking about— I'll search
high and low to help him/her!
Teach that dirty li'l rat a lesson— Mission:
Quickly scout the forest near your camp and
find a substitute for burdock root— all the
while, eavesdropping on rogues/loners just in
Whip up a couple of herbs you had
"borrowed" from the medicine den before you
had left and VOILA! Burdock root, at your

A rogue cat confronts you while you're hunting and hisses, "Get the FUDGE off MY territory!"
What do you say?

Growl and say, "Oh, really?" Then hit him with
seven well aimed blows, leaving the rogue a
nice memory of how you are NOT someone to
be messed with.
Stay silent and stalk away for a few hours,
than bring your companions to attack this
bossy rogue!
Explain as thoroughly as you can about your
quest without giving away secrets and act
friendly as if simply sharing tongues with a
litter mate.
Grumble and slap the rogue with your fresh-
kill (which, by the way, still has its claws).

When you return to your Clan camp, you find it in a battle with an enemy clan.
What do you do?

Give every enemy warrior you see a nice
scratch and an insult before they flee back to
their camp!
Protect the Nursery and the Elders! They
MUST be saved!
Ambush enemy warriors one by one— they
will NEVER see THAT coming!
Dash into battle out of rage, clawing any
warrior that gets close to you— These idiots
shouldn't have done that!

You have just discovered the clan deputy has died in the battle— what do you do?

WHAT?! His death WILL be AVENGED!
Pray to StarClan and sit vigil every night for a
season. His life will not be forgotten!
Try to scout your territory for a possible herb
that can revive him.. We must not give up so