what chocolate would you be?

ever wonder what type of mouthwatering chocolate you would be. white creamy chocolate, milky soft chocolate or dark delicious chocolate

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what type of music do you like?

all the trendiest pop
mellow, relaxed cool
all new rock music

what would your friends describe you as?

relaxed and chill
fun but dangerous
bubbly and full of excitment

how does your school books look like?

messy and grades aren't that good
neat and full of good grades
sometimes messy and sometimes neat

what is your favourite colour?

blue like the ocean
pink, pink,pink you just love it !!!
black it camouflages perfectly

your ideal boy would be....

cute,funny and popular
boys, as if
out of control bad boy

what do you like to for a Saturday afternoon

having a movie night with your friends
sitting by a tree with headphones on listening to music
with friends at the back of the mall listing to loud rock music

what books do you read?

classics like Alice in wonderland
comic books about werewolves
the twilight saga team Edward or team Jacob

Are you a chocoholic?


what do you want to be when you grow up?

I have my future planned out perfectly
I don't know yet i'm just seeing were the wind will take me
Future..... i'm just living life now even if it means getting into trouble

what chocolate do you like?

dark chocolate
milk chocolate
white chocolate