Sonic wwffy (4)

Sonic wwffy (4)

OK so it's in the title people. Have fun and good luck to ya. Silverfan1 out!

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"JEWELS! What the heck Crimson?!" You snapped at him while running over to Jewels. "I did what I had to do." Crimson replied. "Oh yeah? So what did you have to do?" You snapped at him. "Give her a taste of her own medicine." He said smiling.

*Gasp* You're so mean (Crimson & Me: I know)
It's ok I forgive you
*Punches Crimson* (Crimson: OW!)
Are you ok Jewels? (Jewels: Yes and no)

"OMG! Jewels what happened?" Crystal asked running over to you and Jewels. "Crimson punched me." Jewels said waking up. Crystal glared at Crimson. "I saved the princess." He said immediately. "If you didn't I would've killed you." She snapped at him.

I would've killed him already
Hey go easy on him
Still... are you ok Jewels? (Me: Still.... yes and no)
*Glares at Crimson* Jerk

"Come on ___. The guys made dinner." Camille said. She lead you into the house. Surprisingly Crimson help Jewels up. "Get away from me." Jewels said pulling away from him. "Ok ok." He said. stepping away from her. You all walked in greeted by Sonic. "Hi __...." He said. "Jewels what happened to your eye?" He asked. You looked at her and saw that she had a black eye.

I bet Sonic made chilidogs
I bet Silver made spaghetti
I bet Shadow made ribs... yum
Are you going to make anything Crimson? (Crimson: Yeah)

"Nothing.... what's for dinner?" Jewels changed the subject. Sonic smiled. "I made chilidogs.." Crimson laughed. "What?" Sonic asked. "Nothing carry on." Crimson said. Shadow and Silver came in. "What the..." "What happened to you Jewels?" Shadow and Silver said. "Nothing I'm fine go make dinner." She said.

Why is Jewels acting so weird
Hi Shadow
Hi.... silver *Blushes* (Yamilette: Someone has a crush!) Who are you? (Yamilette: No one O_O)
YAY! Chilidogs

Silver flew into the kitchen as Shadow pulled you aside. "What happened to Jewels?" He asked. "Crimson punched her." You answered. Shadow glared at Crimson and walked into the kitchen.

Is Shadow going to kill Crimson? (Me: He tries to)
I'm hungry
Hey Crimson (Crimson: What?) I dare you to make toast! (Crimson: Challenge accepted!)
Seriously... why is Jewels acting so weird? (Me: You'll see)

You went into the kitchen as Crimson ran right into you and knocked you over. "Hey watch it!" You snapped at him. You got up and to your surprised he was making toast.

Aw man... (Crimson: I WIN! HA! In your face!)
O_O (Me: What's wrong?) Crimson is making toast
Yum toast
Let's eat! (Me: Hold me I'm scared)

Crystal screamed. "What's wrong?" Shadow asked. "Crimson is doing something nice!" She cried. Crimson threw a hot piece of toast at Crystal. "That's better." She said puling the toast off her face. You sat down next to...

Shadow on the left and Crystal on the right
Sonic on the left and Camille on the right
Silver on the left and Jewels on the right
Crimson on the left and me on the right

You sat next to the people you chose. Silver made spaghetti, Shadow made ribs, Sonic made chilidogs, and Crimson made toast. You ate until everyone was done. "Come on ___. I'll show you your room." Jewels said. You and her got up. She showed you four rooms. Which one did you pick?

The dark gloomy room with the scull wall and the black and red bed
The room with stars on the walls and the white bed
The room with the forest themed walls and the red bed
The room that is blue with a blue bed (Sonic: Jewels get Amy out of here!) (Me: I can't! Amy scares me.)

Everyone went to sleep except Jewels and Silver. They stayed up talking. You went downstairs to see what they were talking about. "Why don't get rid of Crimson?" Silver asked. "Because no one knows him better then me. He's just going through a lot." Jewels said. Silver yawned. "Goodnight." Silver said. Silver gave Jewels a kiss on the cheek.

OMG! Silver and Jewels are going out! (Me: Don't tell anyone!)
Stay away from my man! (Me: -_-)
Ha! I'm so telling

I went back to bed and went to sleep. And.... CLIFFHANGER!

But.... I'm.... not.... tired....
Nice quiz