Does Slenderman like you?

Does Slenderman like you?

Find out in the end to see if he likes you or not. Boys and girls can take this. They can take all of mine.

published on September 11, 202122 responses 2
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Me: Hey. Welcome back! Today we have Slender here to ask you some questions. Go on Slender.
Slender: *Too busy reading a book*
Me: Seriously? Did he not hear me? Eh, I'll fix that. *Takes his book*
Slender: Hey! I was in a good part!
Me: Too bad. Ask this quizzer some questions. I'll give it back after you're done.
Slender: Fine. What is your favorite color?
Me: Bruh. That question is abandoned. They'll kill you.
Slender: Yeah they can try.
Me: Okay then.

Slender: Me too!
Me: Cool.
Blood red or blue.
Slender: Cool.
Me: Me too!
Slender: Nope.
Me: Eh. It's alright.

Slender: What is your favorite weapon?
Me: Good one.

Tentacles or my mind.
Me: You have those?
Slender: Awesome! I'm starting to like them.
Me: Ooh. Slender has a crush.
Slender: Shut up child.
Me: I'm not a child.
Slender: Yes you are.
Me: No I'm not.
Slender: Lets not argue.
Me: Okay fine.
Slender: Cool.
Me: Yasss! Lets go!
Gummy worms
Me: WTH!? Bruh! Why?!
Slender: No. Just no.

Slender: What is your favorite food?
Me: Oh nice.

None. I don't eat.
Slender: Me either.
Me: Wow.
Depends on what food it is.
Slender: True.
Me: Mhm.
Yasss! I do! I eat waffles!
Slender: Oh great. Another Toby. He's super annoying.
Me: Bruh. What do you mean? He's not that annoying. He's cool.
Slender: I disagree.
Me: Fine then.

Slender: What is your favorite animal?
Me: Oh sweet.

All of them!
Slender: Me too!
Me: Nice
Just dogs and cats.
Slender: That's fine.
Me: Awesome. But I'm a dog person mostly.
Me: Why? They are boring. No offense people that like them.
Slender: Agreed.

Slender: Do you like nature?
Me: Meh. It's alright.
Slender: I didn't ask you.
Me: I don't care.

Yes! I love it! It's beautiful!
Slender: Omg...
Me: Cool.
It's okay. I enjoy it though.
Slender: Okay cool.
Me: Nice.
No. I hate it!
Slender: Child, Do I have permission to kill them?
Me: No. Not until the quiz is over.
Slender: Fine.

Slender: Okay Last one. Then I'll be done.
Me: Okay.
Slender: Who is your favorite creepypasta besides me?
Me: Oh. Nice one.

Sally. She's adorable.
Slender: Agreed,
Me: Yeah.
Slender: Cool. He's pretty chill.
Me: Sweet.
Slender: Oh H*ll no!
Me: What's wrong with him? He's cool.
Slender: No he isn't. He sucks.
Me: Wow. *Sees Puppeteer at the door*
Puppeteer: I heard everything. That was cruel. You're mean Slender. And you Quiz maker, thanks for being nice. *Leaves*
Me: Way to go Slender. You hurt him.
Slender: Eh. I don't care.
Me: Ouch.

Slender: Okay I'm leaving. *Leaves*
Me: Wait! You forgot your book.
Slender: Thanks. *Takes it and leaves*
Me: Okay. I'll ask you some questions now. What do you think of Slender?

I love him (Not a fanboy/fangirl)
Me: Cool.
He's okay.
Me: Alright.
I hate him.
Me: Then why are you here?

Me: How tall do you think slender is?

8 feet
9 feet
10 feet

Me: Okay. I'm done now. I ran out of ideas. But did you enjoy this?

Yasss! I loved it!
Me: Aww thanks.
It was alright.
Me: Cool.
No. It was boring.
Me: How dare you? You hurt me.