Safe Escape WWFFY part 9

Safe Escape WWFFY part 9

Aren't you excited? You're going to be working at a bar! Even though your dad is a raging alcoholic

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You put on one of the more professional outfits the guys had bought you, brushed your hair down, and put on a little bit of makeup that Maria had given you. You stood in the mirror, studying yourself. You could do this, you needed this job, you would work hard to be successful. "All set?” Tails appeared in the doorway of the bathroom, you nodded. The guys decided to come with you, not that you minded.

This should be fun!
Or not, I'm terrified!
What if we don't get the job? Or mess up in front of the guys
It's best just to try our best, this is so we can pay back the guys and get out of their hair, don't want to bother them anymore then we already have...

You stepped out into the hallway, Shadow reached out a hand to you. "Want to take a quick way?” He said with a small smile. You smiled back and took his hand. The guys all then linked hands as Shadow yelled the famous line "CHAOS CONTROL!" You were suddenly outside of Dana's, and you had to take a deep breath and steady yourself. Looking up at the restaurant, you bit at the inside of your cheek. What if this didn't work out? What if Dana didn't like you...

Ah, yeah, that's a point..
Dana is a Mobian right? Not human? Okay..okay..
This looks like a nice place, I really hope to get the job
Come on __! Believe in yourself!

Silver noticed your nervousness and laid a hand on your shoulder "Don't worry ___. You'll do great.” You walked in and the warmth of the place surrounded you. A few monsters called out to the heroes and waved at you as well. You waved back and made your way to the bar. You took your seat at one of the stools, Sonic taking the one next to you.

Sonic did recommend the place, it must be great
Everyone here is so nice
It's so cosy in here! Maybe if I work here I get half off food 030
Why do I feel I know this's so familer

Your eyes fixed on Dana as she walked over. She looked nice, polite, kind and had a caring smile on her face. But something was off..then it hit you. You recognised her as the girl who threw the food out when you were in the back alley. This was the restaurant you had lived behind. She didn't seem to recognise you, however.
“Dana, this is my friend ____.” Sonic introduced you. Dana nodded “Nice to meet you ____. I've heard a lot about you.” You were surprised. Only good things, I hope!

Sonic talks about me? :D
This should be fun, I think?
She seems nice :3
Did Tails talk about me?

“Of course.” Dana responded. You breathed a sigh of relief knowing that she knew sign language. “Did you want anything to eat, ____” Sonic asked you. You looked over at a nearby menu. There weren't a whole lot of options, but you decided on some chips. "Big bowl of chips for us, Dana" Sonic said with a wink. Dana nodded and disappeared into the kitchen. "She's a little quiet, but kind" Silver told you. You nodded, it didn't bother you, you were quiet too.

Looks like I'm going to get along with my new boss!
I'm sooooo hungry!
Screw dat! I wanna hotdog!

After a moment, Dana came back with some chips. You assured her that you were willing to learn the ins and outs of the business and do your absolute best. You were a little worried that she would bring up the whole signing thing, but she never did. “When can you start?” She said, not thirty minutes into the interview. You were dumbfounded. You fumbled with your hands a moment before signing clearly? Whenever you need me!

I can start now if you want? Want me to start now? I will!
I can finally pay the guys back then!...And have to leave...

You saw Dana smile. “How about you start tomorrow, come in around noon?” Your heart fluttered, you nodded quickly. She let out a small laugh. “I'll see you then.” Thanks! Your heart was pounding, and you remembered that you needed to keep it professional. I mean, I'll see you tomorrow, Boss. Her laugh was a little louder this time as she took the empty bowl and walked off. All the guys were beaming at you from across the table. I got the job! I start tomorrow!

Are you proud??
I can't wait for this job!
I feel that Dana is going to be so sweet :3

They all cheered and said their goodbyes to Dana. Dana nodded and all you walked out. You left feeling more excited than you had in years. When you got back to the house, you found Maria and Sapphire there. Sapphire lightly hugged you as you stepped inside. "How'd it go?” She grinned. I got the job! “That's awesome! Congrats!” She said squealing. Maria walked over. "Congratulations, ____.” She spoke softly “Sapphire and I wanted to give you something.” She held something out to you.

What is it with you people and giving me gifts? I mean I love it, but...
I hope they're joking, I'm feeling bad for all the gifts I'm getting
I hope it's something small
I'm sure I'll love it!

You took it carefully and looked it over. It was a phone, a really nice phone, it was sleek, with a large touch screen. “Now you can keep in touch with all of us!" Maria smiled. You touched a small button on the bottom and the screen lit up, a picture of Sapphire and Maria making goofy faces popped up. You smiled. “It's made with the latest technology!" Sapphire raved. "We already put everyone's numbers in there for you!” She proclaimed proudly. You were overwhelmed.

I love it!
That must've been expensive
I'm sooo using that picture as blackmail- what?

Thanks! “It's no problem.” Maria beamed. “You needed it. Especially since you'll be working now!" “Hope you like it!” Sapphire crushed you in a hug. Maria caught Sapphire's attention and said something. “OH yeah!” Sapphire released you from the hug. “Maria and I were wondering if you wanted to hang out one night this week. Maybe one night when you don't have to work the next morning.” She winked. “It'll just be us girls!” You felt nervous, but you also loved the idea of spending more time with them. You nodded.

Oh I'm nervous, I've never been to a sleepover...
Ugh- is there make up involved?
Can't wait!

With that, Sapphire took hold of Maria's hand “Sounds great! We'll figure out the details later. Right now, we have to dash, husband business, see ya!" Silver opened the door for them “Ladies.” he said, and stepped outside, shutting the door behind him. You plopped back onto the couch and looked at your phone. You nervously navigated through the apps that the sisters had installed and ended up looking in your pictures. There were a lot of selfies that Sapphire and Maria had taken, but there were also a bunch of pics of your other friends. You figured they decided to get in on the whole 'giving you a phone' thing.

So many surprises
I need to give these guys something in return...
They keep doing things for me, why?
I wish I could do somehting for them too

A picture of Knuckles violently glaring at the camera, one of Sonic asleep on the sofa, Tails waving while in a plane, Shadow reading and Silver laughing at the TV. There were a few of Hotaru signing, you recognised the signs for “love” and “friend”
There were a lot more, and as you scrolled down, you came across one of a certain someone sitting at the bar at Dana's. He seemed to be having a conversation with Dana, and there was a slight tinge on his cheeks. You set it as the lockscreen.

Oh Sonic, you shouldn't be drinking
Looks like that place is loved by all, even Shadow!
I imagine Silver to be quite giddy when drunk
Tails is the youngest, but I guess he's old enough to drink

The guys came back inside and sat next to you on the couch.“You excited about starting your new job tomorrow?” Silver asked. Yeah. A little nervous. "Ah, you'll do great!" Sonic cheered. You relaxed back into the cushions, when it suddenly felt way too quiet. Hey, where is Knuckles? Shadow's face fell slightly “I think he said something about going with Rouge.” You placed a hand on his arm and gave him a small, hopefully comforting smile. "You know, he may be gullible but he came his own choices.” Tails pressures lightly.

It's nice to see Shadow cares for someone
No, he just doesn't like Rouge
Still, savour it while it lasts
He and Knuckles will start fighting if he says anything to him though :/

You shook your head. He's your friend, you have every right to worry. His eyes seemed to brighten up some, and huffed “Friend is an overstatement" He said making everyone chuckle at his typical behaviour. After a minute he seemed to shake off whatever was going through his mind. He turned to you. “Thanks for listening to me.” You nodded and watched them all stand up, letting out a few yawns. "Looks like sleep for everyone" Sonic states with a laugh. They all head up the stairs and Silver stays behind. "You've got a good soul, you know?" You weren't sure what that meant, and you must have looked confused because Silver laughed and shook his head, disappearing into the bedroom. You grabbed your pillow and blanket, deciding to try and get a nap in as well.