Tom Boy vs. Girly Girl: Which One Are You?

Tom Boy vs. Girly Girl: Which One Are You?

In this quiz I will be testin your personallity and seeing where you fit in.

published on December 31, 201618 responses 8 4.7★ / 5

Do you like swimming in rivers that have mud at the bottom?

maybe if I get in my swimsuit first

Do you like getting make overs done and allways wearing dresses?

sure but I will still go play games outside after.

Do you like flirting better or hanging out.

hanging out
both I guess

which style of clothing would you prefer

jeans blouses sneakers stylish boots with a little heel.
dresses high heels stretchy pants all jewelry all the time.
sneakers sweat pants base ball caps shirts that you dont mind if they get dirty .

which do you prefer
rings or hats

I like both.

What style of person do you want to be?

tom boy
girly girl