Which SpongeBob Character Are You (1)

Which SpongeBob Character Are You (1)

Chances are you've thought about it, but now you can really know. It may seem obvious, but sometimes you need to look deeper into the characters than most do. If you like please share, and comment it , even if you don't like it, and want to really tell people how much you don't..

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You order at a restaurant, and they get your order wrong, what would you most likely do?

Accidently overreact, and get mad
Just eat it
Demand your money back and a free meal
Don't say anything and order something else
Purposely overreact, and get mad
Calmly tell them that your order is wrong

At your job/class you have to work with someone you really don't like. What do you do?

Act superior over them
Treat them like a friend
Work together, but don't really talk and just stick to your part
Try to not step back, and let them do the work
Be friendly, but don't act like friends, or have a lot of side conversations if any.
You try to just get through it, but your dislike for them probably shows

What do you want in a friend the most

A calm, and nice to hang out with personality
A sense of flair, and good looks
A friendly, caring personality
A bold, and not sensitive personality
A good sense of generosity, and loyalty
A fun lively personality

Which type of show do you like to watch

A sports show
A cops, or prison show
A science or history show
A cartoon, or anime
A reality show
A comedy

What do you want most? Really think about this one.

Attention or approval from others
To have more fun
A good friend
To be understood
Peace, and relaxation

Which vacation place seems most appealing?

A nice, easy going resort where you can lounge, and relax
A fast paced, resort with lots of attractions
An exotic vacation in a foreign country
A large bustling city
A fun place like a water park, or camp
A luxury trip to a large city

What do you want to be seen as?

Successful, or superior
Fun/ fun to be around
Smart, and/or talented

What matters to you least?

Personal disagreements
Other's happiness
other's opinions
Relaxation, or/and alone time
Bad things in the past

It's Christmas, and your friends want to get you gifts. What do you want?

Something that you would really enjoy, but is also cheap, so your friends don't have to spend too much money
A new book, movie, or game
An item that you couldn't afford, or can't get a hold of
Any clothing items you want
You insist they don't have to
Money, or gift cards