What is your patronus? (1)

find out what harry potter patronus is yours with this short few minute long quiz!

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What is your Hogwars House?

HUFFLEPUFF just because I am patient
SLYTHERIN obviously
Gryfindor or Ravenclaw
Just Gryfindor. Maybe a bit of Slytherin................
Hufflepuff, but I like making mischeif..........
We are all Gryfindors, so Im one too!
I am patient and brave.

How do you make friends?

I really try not to, I have only servants.
I have none
They natuarly attract to me!
I have many friends
Yes, I have quite a few. I dont have many I would trust with my life.
I sit back, and enjoy the company I have!
I dont have many friends, but people are starting to let me in!
I have about 5 great friends. I am on good terms with almost everyone else!
I have people all around who like me, yet not all play with me.

What do you feel you most identify with?

Brave Smart and Outgoing!
Quiet Shy and clever
Friendly loyal but very brave
Funny not that smart and loyal
Clever brave and helpful
Satisfied pompous and patient
Brave concerned when friends are in trouble
Sleek Sneaky clever and ambitious
mischeif making, excited clever and loyal

What is it with pure blood?

Its right thing to do, dont say a word against it!
I dont like it, but prefer not to take sides
Im a Muggle born, and its utter madness!
I dont carewhat people think of me
I will attack any one who says Mudblood. Its disgusting!
Ill shall always help those offended.
I shall rush to he rescue of any friend

What is your wand?

Holly and Pheonix feather
Vinewood and Dragon Heartstring
Cherry and Unicorn Hair
Yew and Unicorn hair
Beachwood and Pheonix feather
Spruce and Dragon Heartstring
Red Oak and Unicorn Hair
Birch and Unicorn hair