Which RTC are you?

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published on May 01, 20184 responses 0

North or south?

Don’t care
I’m not qualified on the
What’s the south
I like it all

Do you like foremen?

They’re all out to get me
If they get to the point
What are foremen
Sure, but I’m smarter than
they are
How dare they call me
They’re a fact of life

Do you stay are your desk?

Am I supposed to?
I roam a bit if there are
people worth talking to
I don’t go far
I can’t sleep if I’m standing
up can I
I will die in this chair

How loud/obnoxious are you?

I sing sometimes
Only on the radio
Usually people don’t even
know I’m here
Not at all, that’s rude
I’m prone to the odd
random outburst
Everyone can hear me but
I’m not loud

Do you line your lights?

I keep on top of things
Fleet baby fleet
Oh crap I’ll be right back
Yea but hang on I have to
ask the cheif first
If I have my glasses on

How’s your radio procedure?

It’s fine
It’s perfect
I don’t say over
I lose my temper
I pretty smooth
They can wait