What Is Your Supernatural?

What Is Your Supernatural?

Find out what supernatural you are by choosing answers that BEST fit YOUR personality!

published on April 04, 201535 responses 6 4.5★ / 5

What do you think YOU are?

Mermaid! <3 to SWIM!
Fairy! <3 to FLY!
Desher! <3 to kill!

Do you prefer to be with nature on land or in the ocean?

Well, what about both?

Do you like to be feared?

YES!!! How do you think I get people to listen to me?
No way! I like to be friendly and open to everyone!
Well, it is different depending on the people.
Sometimes it becomes handy, but other times not so much...

Hardest Question!- Do you like to be alone!

NO! Friends always! What happens if you want to take a fun swim!
NO! Friends ALWAYS!!! You never know when you want to pull an AMAZING prank!
YEAH!!! I can't work with other people! That is SICK!

Do you like to make enemies or friends? Or both?

Enemies! I need people to know that I despise them!
Friends! You are in a danger zone when you have enemies!
Both! I just let myself do as I please! You need to have a line between them just to stay safe!