Who would be your PTX boyfriend?

Who would be your PTX boyfriend?

This is a quiz to tell you if your personality matches a member of PTX. Thanks!

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What would be someone's first impression of you?

"That person is really nice. They seem like they love everything. Never mean."
"Wow.... This person seems tough..."
"OMG.... This person is really helpful."
"This person doesn't feel very comfortable..."

Which cover do you like the most?

Daft Punk
Can't Hold Us

How many tattoos do you want to have?

It depends on what my mood is like

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

Anywhere my heart takes me.
Where my friends are.

If you were going to an island, what would you take?

My laptop, my phone, my best friend, all my clothes.
My phone, My T.V., My best friend, all my clothes.
My friends, Some of my clothes, Food and Water.
The necessities, And my friends, all my clothes.

If you couldn't talk, how would you communicate?

A pen and Paper
Sign Language
Whatever I feel like doing.

If you could redo your meeting with your best friend in your image, how would you make it?

I would like it to be me texting and I accidentally bump into them in the school hallways.
I wouldn't change it.
I would be learning a new language and my best friend would be teaching me.
I would be teaching people how to play music, and I meet them, and they love a lot of the things that I love.

What T.V. show would keep you going when you're sad?

None. I'd like to listen to Beyonce.
Mean Girls.
I don't watch T.V.