What Marvel superhero are you?

What Marvel superhero are you?

Find out what Marvel superhero your personality most resembles! From the avengers to guardians of the Galaxy

published on August 06, 201612 responses 0

Venom captured a hostage and fled what do you do to find him?

Use my intelligence and
gadgets to track him down
Use some acrobatics to scale
buildings and grab the
Use my intelligence to track
down venom then defend
and get back the
SMASH in a blind rage
Use my mighty power to
stop venom before he
escapes and get the hostage
out of danger
Quickly shoot something at
him before he flees until he
Use my agility and
acrobatics to secure the
hostage with out venom
Easy, track down venom and
save the hostage before
venom notices if he
sees me I won't matter if
I'm injured
Find out were venom is
using telepathy then send
my heroes to stop him
Quickly teleport to the
location I saw venom going
and teleport with the
hostage to safety
Just take off sunglasses and
go to town
Pretend to be one of venoms
acquaintances and say I
need the hostage and
Venom won't go very far in
this weather
Just go full on beast mode
Squeeze in to my leather
I don't care about the
hostage venom stole my
leather suit were going to
talk it out over a little
"chop" salad ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nothing but vengeance and
revenge for venom
First I would teleport to the
location of venom then
abracadabra...I have the
hostage and venom is dead
Use a high tech gernade to
immobilize venom and
escape with the hostage
All I know is my name
Destroy everyone in my
Come up with a meschivious
plan to capture the hostage
kill him with a few
weapons... When does this
test end??
Use my blades and agility to
kill venom and rescue the
First I will use my speed to
follow venom and then I
would slice up venom
until he is down the rescue
the hostage

You have a choice of tool to use for the rest of your life what is it?

My intelligence and
A few guns and blades
A mallet
My bare fists

If could be apart of any super hero group who would it be?

X men
Gaurdians of the Galaxy
I don't do groups

You are locked in a room with no clear way out how do you get out?

Take off my sunglasses and
go to town
Just smash threw the wall
How did I get here again?
Shoot a few doors open.....
And I'm out!

What is your favorite color?


What is your favorite thing to do in your free-time?

Study and practice my
Tinker around
Work on my suit
Watch a movie

what did you think of the test?

Great!.....please show me
my answer
It was ok...for me
All I know is my name
Everything is red!!!!!
Great..hurry up the weather
is changing bad!
It was strange
Do I get paid units for this?