Which bing bong theory are you?

Which bing bong theory are you?

Today, you will finally understand what bing bong thory you are. I understand it is difficult at times to find a place in this world, but I hope this helps.

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Where do you see yourself in ten years?

CEO of apple
Eating a 20 piece mcnugget
deal by yourself
Jacking off and crying every 5 minutes
Raising McCarthyism to new heights

When a cop confronts you about drug possession, what do you do?

Say that it was planted
Immediately sniff all of them
Just leave lmao

When your wife starts to say you are eating too much of her corn dog supply, how do you respond?

Eat all of the dogs
Give them back and say sorry
Just flush them down the toilet
Shove them up an orriface you can find

If you suddenly awaken to see a bear eating your tiny dick off, how do you apologize for the lack of dietary nutrition?

Formally write a letter addressed to him/her
Say you wish you had a smaller penis
Accept death and dont say anything

If you binged, but proceeded to brong instead of bong, what will you do?

Shit dude idk
Eat your feelings
Eat babies

When consuming the life force of children, what's the best way to do it

With a spoon
With a knife
With class
Without clothes on

Everyday you face people trying to convince you it's a bad thing to devour babies. How do you manage?

Eat their eggs and semen instead
Apologize and eat babies in your basement
Eat a baby in front of them
Eat baby carrots instead

When watching bridget Jones romance comedies on CNN, what's the best activity

Become a liberal
Eat babies
Jerk it out

If cardi B drugged you, what would you say?

Shoot man, I was gonna use that money to have sex with random women
Well darn
Hey. I wanted a kitti

Baby carnage