A night with Five Nights at Freddy's night-shift guards. (GIRLS)

A night with Five Nights at Freddy's night-shift guards. (GIRLS)

Dark (a.k.a. me): Hi! I'm a Meif'Wa witch is a cat-girl. I'm one of the night-shift guards. Nya~ Alex: I'm Alex, another night-shift guard. Dark here loves combat and swords for some reason. I like it tho. Laurence: Anyways, I'm Laurence, another night-shift guard. Garroth: Hi. I'm Garroth, another night-shift guard. Brendon:...Hi. Michael: Hi, I'm Michael. Night-shift guard like the rest. Steven: THIS IS BORING! *__* Garroth: We have to do this, for Dark. Dark: LETS START! NYA!~

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Dark: Laurence, why don't u ask the first question? Nya~
Laurence: Ok. Um.....oh. I got one.
Garroth: What is it?
Laurence: What is ur favorite color?
Alex: LAURENCE!!! Everyone hates that question.
Michael: *face-palms* UGH!
Brendan: UGH!
Steven: UGH!
Laurence: Who cares.

You: Purple
You: Black
You: Dark Colors
Dark: Me too!! Nya~!!
You: Yellow
You: White

Dark: Ok, Garroth. Next question. Nya~
Garroth: *snaps from daydream* Huh?
Dark: Ask the quiz-taker a question. Nya~.
Garroth: Ok. Do u watch Steven Universe??

Steven: *whispers to self* Yes.
You: No.
You: What is Steven Universe??
You: I watched it once, but I didn't like it.

Dark: Alex. Will you ask our quiz-taker a question?? Nya~
Alex: Sure. Do you love or hate StarBucks?

You: Hate it.
You: I love StarBucks.

Dark: My turn. I have a good one. Nya~
Garroth: Ok. What is it??
Dark: Do you recognize this song?? "Head, shoulders, knees and toes, What are those?!" Nya~.

You: What the heck?!?! Did up you really put "what are those" in a child's song??
Dark: Maybe. Nya~.
You: No, I don't recognize this song.
You: Really? REALLY?!
Dark: Hehe. Nya~.
Dark: Hehe. Nya~

Dark: Ok, who next?? Nya~
Steven: Oh, Oh. Me, me me me!
Dark: Fine, Steven, ask a question. Nya~
Steven: What latter does your name start with?

A through K
L through V
W through Z

Dark: Oh shoot. It is turning day. We must leave and part ways. Nya~
Alex: Ok. Dark, are we still going to the movies??
Dark: Definitely. Nya~
Garroth: Adois
Laurence: Adios
Brendan: Ovwa
Steven: Ovwa
Michael: her-gaberdine
Dark: Really, Michael?? Nya~

You: Bye!!
You: Adois!!
You: Ovwa!!
You: what does her-gaberdine mean??

Dark: Ok. I lied, I wanted to see if you would fall for it. Two more questions, Brendan. Please ask this one. Nya~
Brendan:..........Do you like to draw?
Garroth: That's a good one.
Dark: *whispers to you* this one won't effect your answer.

Dark: Me too. Especially dark things.
You: No.

Dark: Ok. Last question. I'm gonna ask it. Nya~
Garroth: What is it?
Laurence: What's the question?
Steven: Ok.
Michael: Um, this won't be stupid will it?
Dark: Nope. Which night shift- guard do you like best? And u can't say Alex, he is already my boyfriend. Nya~
Alex: ^_^ Heh.

You: Michael.
You: Laurence.
You: Garroth.
You: Steven.

Dark: Adiós!
Alex: Adios. *puts arm around Dark*
Garroth: Ovwa.
Laurence: Ovwa.
Brendan: *waves* ....
Michael: Her-gaberdine!
Dark: *looks at Michael* Really.

You: *wave* Bye
You: Adois.
You: Bye.
You: *wave*
You: Ovwa.
You: What does her-gaberdine mean?