How Much of a Bad-Ass Are You?

Find out if you are are a Bad-Ass or a goody two shoes by taking this quiz.

published on February 10, 201821 responses 0
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Have you ever been arrested?

Yes, but the charges were
Almost. I was questioned but
not arrested.
No, thank God!

Have you ever stolen a car?

Just that once.
I know how to hot wire but no I
No, but I saw someone steal a
car once. And I have a friend
who could hot wire a starter I
Yeah, no, never.

Have you ever driven without a license?

All the time. The government
does not need to know what
my skills are.
Just that one time because it
was an emergency and I had
No. Who does that?

Have you ever been in a fight?

Yeah. And I knocked those
losers out.
I lost but it was three against
I hate when they come at you
with a knife and you've got to
Sure have. I don't start fights
but I will finish them.
Only verbal ones. The
playground doesn't count.

What are your first aid skills and the explanation behind why you have them?

I can set my own dislocated
toes, fingers, and your
I took a first aid course so I
can do cpr. Everybody should.
I can get a bullet out. But if I
told you how I know that I
would have to shoot you.
I faint at the sight of blood so
like, I can handle aspirin and
cough syrup I guess.
I had to give someone stitches
once. I am the best at
needlepoint and so I was

What is your weapon of choice?

Depends on the situation.
I kinda prefer knives because I
am old fashioned like that.
A witty comeback or cutting
insult is preferable, but
whatever the situation calls for,
you know.
Arrows. Or a gun. But if you got
nothing, chairs and rocks will
A car is surprisingly good at
running people over.
I find throwing a tissue box is
good. Or pouring a cold drink
in someone's lap or face if they
were really nasty.

What would be the worst part of being in a battle to you?

The waiting.
People expecting me to save everyone.
Losing the ones I love.
When I see people treating other people worse than animals.
When what we save is never enough.
I can't handle the blood, or screams.

If you had to fight a non physical battle, how are you most likely to do so?

I will do what they won't allow me, or others. I won't do anything I don't want or don't believe in.
I will speak out against the wrong. And I will stand with others who are being oppressed.
I will speak the truth. No matter what.
I will do what I am told but I will speak out against it where I can, when I know there are those who will listen.
I will pray about it.