What guy do you want?

Is your guy perfect or is he so mean and ugly you wanna puke and cry all day cause of him you are totally psst or do you want the casual find out in this quiz!

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On a first date would you kiss a guy?

Eww never its a first date i'd rather get a F on a test
Yes i can trust him because we knew each other forever
Why kiss him when i barely know him all i know is his name i'd rather make out with him
Maybe because it depends how he acts if he's sweet then says something as bad as s*** then NO if he wants to do it for him

If your in bed alone with your guy and nobody is home and its quiet what would you do with him?

I wanna have sex duh
I just want him to sing for me
I want us to talk about old times and cuddle with him like watching a movie
i wanna breakup what a waste of my time i want my friends here us having a party boys free!

If your guy propose to you in a not romantic way at all what would you say?

i don't cares what way i just wanna kiss that hot chunk everywhere and say yes in every language
I would say why like this i cant say yes to this i'm sorry but i will give you a second chance
Are you really kidding(slaps and kicks him) ugh were over like try harder next time now get out!!!
Did your guitar break or is this fake because if this is it and no more chances then no sorry

If your guy wrote you a very personal song that you don't want him to sing in public but he did what would you say?

Why not it can help author peoples see there feelings to a guy like me and my guy plus he is the best singer
I cant believe you i promised you ugh were over i can't trust you at all!
I don't care sing or not make it 1 minute or shorter i wanna start kissing him plus he's too kind and sweet i love him
Why i can't believe i said for you not to then tomorrow he brought you flowers to say sorry

How many kids you want?

i want.. with this hot guy like 6 or 7
hmm 1 or 2
0 i like just being with him i'm not ready
0 i have friends to care about and family not kids and a stupid guy