What kind of team member re you?

From the techy nerd to the overwhelming leader, what would your roles be if you were to suddenly join a real team?

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Would you consider yourself to be tech-savy?

Yes! I love tech and it loves me!
No! It just doesn't make sense to me.

Which of the descriptions best fit you?

A Great Leader
A Shadow Figure
I Don't Know!
An okay leader

Would you consider yourself good at...

Many things! I love to learn lots!
A few things. I have a couple mastered.
One or two things. I just study on one subject.
I don't know. I just do in the moment.

How coordinated would you think yourself?

I am coordinated at the things I do, not so much in the other areas.
I learn coordination fast.

Would you consider yourself oral?

I love to speak in public!
I do it when I have to.
Not really.
Work first.

Are you hard-working?

I am very hard working. That's all I do!
Not so much...
I'm okay.

Would you consider yourself Charismatic and part of the team?

Yes! I'm practically the center of conversations!
I stick around.
Nope, I prefer to be alone.
I like to finish my work first. It's hard to do both for me.

Finally, what would you want to be?

The Hard Worker.
The Leader.
The Genius.
The Jack-of-all-trades.
I don't care.
I don't know!