Which Lovely 1st year are you?

Katie, Tayna, Cami, Hannah, Natalie, Kelsey. Who are you/who do you want to be?

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What do I look for in a guy?

Anyone who will give me a shacker shirt
Tall, dark, and handsome
Someone as emotionally attached as me
Someone who wears camo and carries a gun
Geed like behavior
Boys from my hometown

Drink of Choice

Taking pulls of whiskey
Vodka Sprite every day
Deep Eddies
Anything with vodka in it please

What will I be doing in 10 years?

Running the world
Club promoter
Debutant Queen
Married to my high school boyfriend
Still looking to marry rich

Catch Phrase of Choice

I hate diff eq
Wait, what?
I'm at home
Lol I'm so weird
*anything in a southern accent*

What am I doing on a Friday night?

Fropping by myself
At TKE 90% of the time
Getting together with my geed friend
At home or at KA
Slurring my words and spelling my name wrong
No one ever knows