What's your sexual/romantic orientation? (for girls)

This quiz is obviously not meant to be taken too seriously. Just for fun. Gay is great. Have fun;)

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Do you think they're attractive.

Do you think they're attractive.
IDK, they're cute I guess.
Pretty hot.
Real attractive I think.
Tell me about their personality first.

How attractive do you think they are?

How attractive do you think they are?
I like a hot tattooed lady;)
IDK, they just look hot, but don't. I have no idea.
Yup, she's really cute;)
I just don't think so, but I wouldn't like her any better if she was a guy.
I rarely feel like I like anyone, so I don't think this would be any exception.

Would you smash?

Would you smash?
Hell nah
Don't mind if I do;)
This guy just looks snobby.

You like his abs?

You like his abs?
Why are you doing this to meeeeee!
This guy is RIPPED. I wish i was that ripped:(
Whoa, who wouldn't;)
Oh god no.
Abs, boobs, crotch, I just don't want it.

Does she look hot?

Does she look hot?
Sorry, but no.
Not attracted to her.

Do you relate to them?

Do you relate to them?
I wish.
Yup. My girlfriend's great.
It would, if one of the girls was a guy.

Do you relate to this couple?

Do you relate to this couple?
Kind of, it's just there's a little more fighting:(
if the guy was a girl, sure.
Yup, me and my boyfriend are just that cute.

How long are your finger nails?

Super extra long.
Pretty short.

You see a hot lady sitting alone at a table, do you go up and flirt with her.

Is that even a question;)
Sorry, a lucky lady already stole my heart.
If it was a cute guy, probably.
I honestly don't care no matter how hot they are.
Even if it was a guy, a lucky man has already stole my heart.

Do you have at least two gay flags, or stuff with gay flags in your room.

Yes, because I'm an ally.
Well duh.

How would you describe yourself?

A human rainbow.
A scented candle
A pencil sharpener
A proud independent sugar cube.

Would you ship Cinderella and Elsa together?

Duh, prince charming was never good enough for her anyway.
No, that's not how it works. Cinderella should be with Prince Charming.
No, they wouldn't be that cute together.

Is she hot?

Is she hot?
Not my type.
I'm not feeling it.

Which celebrity is your favorite out of these?

Ellen DeGeneres
Lady Gaga
Lily Tomlin
Keri Hulme

Do you have cats?

No, but I want them.
Yup. A lot.
Like one or two cats.
None, and I don't want any.