How will you handle bullies?

How will you handle nasty bullies? Will you do it with harm? With others? Or peacefully? This quiz will tell you what you would most likely do in a bully situation so take this test honestly.

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How well do you work in teams?

I work well in a team.
I'd shoot myself if i had to work with a team!
I keep them in line and make sure no one is fooling around.
I work well but I'd rather work by myself...
No way, I work alone im a lone wolf.

You see someone being bullied by a tough looking kid but it looks like you can take him out,what do you do?

Grab some friends and beat him down!
Threaten him you will beat him up if he doesn't stop.
Polity ask him to stop or you would get an authority.
Have some friends to come with me and make fun of him and draw him away to a teacher or authority.

You see someone break your artworkor project in class,how do you proceed?

Snap his project in two, burn it, then feed it to him!
Get some witnesses and let the teacher know what happened.
Ask some of my friends to beat him down AGAIN...
Tell the teacher what happened and sort the whole thing out.
Break his project as well but if he strikes,teach him a lesson.

You see a group of jocks run up to you and they say "Give us yo money bi***!"they look a lot tougher than you, what do you do?

I would say "fu** you!" and beat those bozos up!
Try to sort the whole thing out without giving up my money or ending in violence but if they attempt to fight, i would flee to a teacher or at least to a safe area.
I would run but if they followed,lead them into a trap with my buffed up friends and take them down!
WHAT ELSE?! Take them on myself and use my karate moves.
I would try to outnumber the jocks from 5 to 1 if i have to.

You see two people fighting each other and their is a big crowd and blood is starting to show, how do you respond?

Join the fun! It's a good workout!
I would find my friends and tell them about the action and show it to them.
I would break up the fight and try to stop the action.
I would try to find my friends and tell them about the news and try to stop the fighting.
I would punch one in the face so hard, i would knock out his tooth and that will draw the basterd to me to handle...

You get in class and saw your seat and your nemesis is sitting next to it but he doesn't notice you, what do you do?

I would ask to sit somewhere else.
I would accept the seat but annoy him until he wants to switch seats but having the help with others.
I would sit next to him but whenever no one is looking, I would do a charlie-punch in his stomach.
I would ask some friends to gang up on him and force him to move seats or hurt him.
Most likely, I would punch him in his face so hard, I fractured his head and I would also throw him out the window that way we won't have any problems.

Your most hated person has caught the eye of your girlfriend and she is attracted to him, what do you do?

Ask some friends for some help so i can win her back.
Find the culprit and stalk him home and when he arrives, beat him up so that some bones are broken and hide his body in a dumpster!
Ask some friends to beat him up with you so they can enjoy the fun.
Ask the man to please stay away from her or i will make you.
I would straight punch him in the face when no one is looking if he wants a fight , he's got one!

Your bully tells a teacher a full lie about you and you get detention for it, how do you react?

Stalk the Mofo until no one is looking and beat him up for it but not too much just something to never forget.
Find the bully wherever he is and when i do that,i would beat him up so bad, he would need to go to the hospital to get stitches to heal.
Ask the teacher to bring him in the office and they will discuss this.
I would most likely find some friends and scare him to not mess with me again.
Find some friends and find the man and beat him up while he is alone and make sure he won't mess with me again.

(Difficult question!) Is this quiz boring you out?

Hell yea!
Not too much but a little
Why not?!
Sorta in the middle.
Not at all.

(Final Question...) Someone wants to pick a fight with you alone but when you show up with no backup, he is not alone he is helped by 4 other tough kids what do you do?!?!

Try end the situation in not a bad way but if no other choice,flee.
Get ready to rumble!
Ask him not to be a pussy and face me like a man.
Run back and grab your friends and Beat them up!
Run back and get some friends for backup if sh** hits the fan and try to end it without a bloodbath.