What is your warrior cat life? LONG!! SHE-CATS ONLY

What is your warrior cat life? LONG!! SHE-CATS ONLY

Pick this to find out what your life is as a warrior cat! There are many answers you can get!

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Hello! I am Annietiger!! This is my first quiz and I hope you enjoy it!! First quest— *Hawkfrost pads in*
Hawkfrost: *hisses* I’ll do this one!! What is your Clan???

ShadowClan, and I am proud of it!
ThunderClan! Don’t you ever call me a WindClan cat!!!
ShadowClan, even though my blood isn’t.....
*sigh* The only reason I am in ShadowClan is because of her.....
I will lead WindClan to victory!
ThunderClan is for me! The forest smell, the juicy prey, the (Me: I get it, I get it)
Ar-are yo-you going to-to hurt me? (Me: No, Hawkfrost: Just answer the question!!!!!) Um, WindClan
Uh, what do you think??? My fur is soaked with water!!! RIVERCLAN

Hawkfrost! Please leave!
Hawkfrost: *pads away*
Okay so— wait, IS THAT CINDERPELT????????
Cinderpelt: Um, your weird, but I wanted to know if I could do the next question?
Cinderpelt: Ok, what is your rank?

I am a medicine cat
I am a loyal deptuty!
I am a younger warrior! Maybe one day I’ll be a senior warrior....*sighs*
A warrior, but I wish I could be leader
What do you think?? I am swarming in kits!! I am a queen!
I am a leader
I am an apprentice, I hope to be a warrior!
I am a senior warrior and I have helped my clan alot!
I served my clan for a long time. I am an elder

Cinderpelt: Well, I have to go...
Me: NO!!
Cinderpelt: See you!
Me: Um, what is your pelt color?

I am a black cat, and I don’t have bad luck!!
I am a black and white cat
I am a yellow cat, a little bit like Sandstorm, but a little darker
I am orange, like Firestar
I am a grayish black cat
I am gray with stripes (Me: So your Graystripe??)
I am golden-brown
I am blue
I am a silver cat

So the next question is—
Graystripe: Hiya!!
Me: Oh, you
Graystripe: Hiya cousin! I heard you were doing a quiz without me!!
Me: *rolls eyes* That is true
Graystripe: What type of blood?
Me: *sighs and mutters* Get out of here Graystripe.
Graystipe: Wait, what??

I don’t have clan blood........but that won’t stop me
Half-clan, but who cares, right!
I-I *looks at paws* don’t have clan blood
Ha! I am full clan! Those other cats are just kittypets!
I am half-clan, and I lived all of my life with that agony
I’m full clan!
I am full clan! And I love it!
I’m half-clan, but does it count if both of your parents eventually lived in you clan?
Who cares??

Well, I know this is a short quiz! But I guess this is it! So, byeee! (It doesn’t matter which one you chosse, they all are the same

Bye, I guess??
May StarClan be with you
Uh, bye
Thank you!