Who are you from the next step? (1)

Who are you from the next step? (1)


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well we use all my moves (and only my moves)
We could make a cool dance and use some moves from the other dancers
I love to dance all kind of styles!!!
i can learn them some moves
i like to dance but don't do it pretty much
i <3 hip-hop but also try other styles
Ballet is my life! other styles are fun to!!! but dancing can be expensive...
i love to do ballet and spinning
i'm pretty good at acro
i do hip-hop and i'm open for other styles
i love jazz dance
my moves are killing it in hip-hop
i dont't dance


hellow... i am THE E-girl
Dont have any comments
i want to be part of them and fit in
it's fun to see thay are friends
(boys) i love the e-girls they are awesome
i love being an E-girl but i dont want to upset them
i dont care about it pretty much but it means that you're a good dancer so im in it
if i would be in b-troup they would still be like family
if i needed to ga in b-troup they still would treat me with respect! right...?
uhg... they think they are the world
i'm not sure if i should care or not but as long that they act and dance good i'm okay with it
E-girls are the best female dancers of the hole studio... actualy they just era the best dancers
yeah it is what it is

good or bad q u i z

no a waste of time
i dont care
good question

ho do u want to be

i'm Emily of course
i do like Michelle
Emily is the best person of the next step so...
i love riley's moves
i'm u truly ladies -men (james)
i do jazz so steph look likes a good choiche
try to geuss with my supa moves (west)
im a treu acrobate
i love ballet and spinning (daniel)
Chloe i look up to her because she can dance and work
tiff looks like a part animal so tiffany

learning or teatching

learning and knowing
teatching a little bit
i'm here to learn of course
learn but not if i got to work
learning having fun with friends...
i dont need anything to learn anymore... no i'm just kidding
well i actualy don't need to learn just to studie the dance in
is it so hard as math...?

your hair is

light blond and long
almost darker brown than my skin
dark brown and super curly (or juqt curly)
straight brown-red mostly brown
blond and short
boy short blond
medium long brown
boy short black-brown
long black-brown straight but sometimes i curl it
boy short brown
long and red (i'm a ginger)

do you have a crush?

well i'm going with someone so...
yes i have a little crusch
i do everything for my crush and i would ask her/him like everyday
well if flirting means having a crush
yeah im a ladiesme(or the female version of it)
no no no i only think of dancing
no but i do have close friends
not really
no i need to dance then work then dance then work....
no not in a thousend years
to bizzy


hip hop
hip hop (avec mon killing moves) ((avec mon= whit my)
a little bit of erverything