Which Girl Meets World character are you?

Which Girl Meets World character are you?

Girl Meets World is a Disney TV show that takes place in New York in a middle school with many different characters.

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If your crush walks up to you and asks you if you like him/her your reply is?

You just giggle.
Or do you say "I don't understand."

When the teacher leaves the classroom what do you do?

Sit and wait for him to come back.
Take over the class.
You leave too. Who cares right!
I'm not in school.

When a teacher asks a question are you . . .

The first to raise your hand.
The first to say I don't know
The first to smile and sink down in your chair.
The first to let someone else answer.

In a pep rally what are you doing?

Volunteering for all of the sporty games.
Leading the rally.
Helping the kids.

What would you do if you saw your younger sibling somewhere that he/she shouldn't be?

Call your father.
Offer him/her a drink.
Walk her home.
You wouldn't be at a bar.(You'd be at the baseball field)