What warrior cat deputy are you?

You could be Russetfur,deadfoot,Redtail,lionheart,etc. Anyway,hope you like it!

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What pelt do you have?

Dark gray
Blue grey

What clan are you?

Thunderclan,of course
I am proud to be thunderclans deputy
Shdowclan,the strongest
Windclan,my clan
Riverclan is my home

Are you dead?

I walk with starclan
No,not yet
Yes,but I served my clan well
Yes , I miss my clan
Yes , I am

If so,how did you die?

In the battle against blood clan
Defending apprentices from tigerstar and Blackfoot
Killed by tigerclaw like so many others
Killed in a battle with shadowclan
Still living 👍
I'm still alive, I think

Warriors from another clan are invading your territory,what do you do?

Fight them of course
Speak to my leader about it
Ask what they're doing there
Speak about it at the next gathering
Chase them off
Tell them to leave,if they don't,make them
Growl and tell them to leave

You are chasing a rabbit when it runs onto another territory,what do you don't?

Rabbits don't live on riverclan territory
The warrior code forbids hunting on other clans territory
If it's really near the border,kill it and bring it back to my clan
There are plenty of rabbits on windclans territory,leave it
Go and hunt something else
Kill it,why not
Oh well

Do you believe in starclan?

I do
Of course,who doesn't
I wholeheartedly believe in starclan
I believe in starclan,but some rules in the warrior code are just silly
I believe