would you survive test town

would you survive test town

I'm writing a book and there is a town called test town and it's all messed up would you survive?

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you open your eyes to be in front of a town that looks normal you walk up to a house and knock on the door it opens up and all you can see is a dark room what do you do?

walk in but always ready
take a careful step

you blink again and infront of you is 2 bottles what do you do

pick bottle one
pick bottle 2
drink them both

your choice leads you to being dragged off into a room with 5 men standing round you there are two objects on the floor a rock and a bottle what do you do

grab the bottle and use it as a weapon
use the rock as a weapon
do nothing
go through the men

you wake up in a white room in a white chair with a clown at your bed what do you do

pretend to be asleep
look around for a weapon

the clown is gone and you blink and you are now in a room with nothing in it except a mirror what do you do?

look at it
touch it
crack it

you find a way out but it is blocked by a huge wall what do you do?

climb it
try to break it
go around it