What Job Is Best for You

This is a personality quiz on what job out of 10, would best fit you. Have fun!

published on November 18, 201429 responses 11 4.1★ / 5

What do you hate?

People not focused and not wanting to learn
Unhealthy people coughing and sneezing in everyone's faces
People who hate technology
Poor people
People who hate logic

How would you describe yourself?

Knows a lot of one subject, kind, friendly
Logical, Strict
Caring, Kind
Techy, loves computers
Likes money, leader

What is your favorite thing?

Anything that helps you learn

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Play around with technology
Make everything logical
Count my money
Learn new things
Help people

Finally, what people do you like to work with?

No One!
Logical people
People who like to learn
Techy people
Kind, healthy people